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From pollution to solution

We work on polluted, degraded agricultural and marginal lands. Learn about our breakthrough methodology to help you restore them and remove carbon in the process.

Analysing the soil

Every land is different. That’s why we start with analysing the soil and, if needed, running soil tests together with our scientists. This helps us determine the best combination of plants and other nature-based solutions to help you restore your land or clean pollution faster.

Growing plants

Growing plants

We use plants with super powers. They need 90% less water than other crops, grow without pesticides, pump up pollution, restore soils with their deep roots and capture 9-15 tons CO2/ha in just 4 month. As a result, you have healthier soils with more biodiversity and better yields.

Monitoring carbon sequestration

Monitoring carbon sequestration

We want to be fully transparent with our claims. That's why we are working on near-real time ESG KPI reporting platform for our partners. It will include satellite imagery, machine learning algorithms and traceability of carbon from fields to the final products. Coming soon!

Harvesting & splitting polluted plant parts

Harvesting & splitting polluted plant parts

Every 4 month we harvest the plants. What we do next depends on the land. If it’s polluted, we send contaminated biomass through a circular treatment process to destroy the pollution. If it’s non-polluted, we use full plants to make construction materials with our partners.

Making construction materials

Making construction materials

From harvested plants we make local bio-based construction materials. They are circular and store carbon long-term. What are they?‍ Reinforced hemp wood (saves 500 trees per hectare), hemp wool (substitutes synthetic fossil fuel-based isolation) and traffic poles (substitute wood and steel).


Sharing our progress

We want to ensure utmost impact and transparency. That's why you'll see all the projects and partners on this globe. We are working on adding new cool functionalities for you as we speak. In the meantime, what do you say. Let's make impact together?

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Lands around 3M had PFAS in them. Here is what we did in 110 days.

  • 26
    Ares of soil
  • 369 mg/ha
    PFAS removal
  • 4
    CO2 Tons

Results in 110 days:

  • Plant growth: 3.5m
  • PFAS picked up by the plants and distributed to the leaves. Stems & pollen have no PFAS traces.
  • CO2 sequestration: 9-15 tonnes CO2/ha
  • Products created: Reinforced hemp wood & biocomposites
  • Estimated time for top soil cleanup to reach regulatory limit of 3,8 mg /kg: 10-12 years
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WHAT MAKES our solution UNIQUE

For years there was a struggle between business economics and sustainability, leaving sustainability as a nice to have. We can do both for you right now, bringing a business model to Soils and CO2. And helping industrial, agricultural and construction companies take action

Want to make impact together?

Explore how we can help you restore lands or remove carbon.

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