Soils & CO2 capturing projects

Soil pollution & degradation impact the food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breath. Over 3.2B people worldwide are already affected, causing societal costs over $26 trillion a year.

At +EARTH+ we have a crazy vision: create the largest Soil & CO2 cleanup with nature! Finally bringing a business model to nature restoration.

How do we do it? We scale nature-based solutions to help our partners clean soils from chemical pollution, remove CO2 and create bio-based construction materials.

The whole process is monitored and traced with technology, resulting in transparent near-real time ESG reporting on carbon, soil pollution and buildings.

  • Expected projects
  • Upcoming projects
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  • 23
    Hectares of soil
  • 10135
    Hectares coming in 2024
  • 369 mg/ha
    PFAS removal
  • 342
    CO2 Tons
  • 10

Lands around 3M had PFAS in them. Here is what we did in 110 days.

  • 26
    Ares of soil
  • 369 mg/ha
    PFAS removal
  • 4
    CO2 Tons

Results in 110 days:

  • Plant growth: 3.5m
  • PFAS picked up by the plants and distributed to the leaves. Stems & pollen have no PFAS traces.
  • CO2 sequestration: 9-15 tonnes CO2/ha
  • Products created: Reinforced hemp wood & biocomposites
  • Estimated time for top soil cleanup to reach regulatory limit of 3,8 mg /kg: 10-12 years
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WHAT MAKES our solution UNIQUE

For years there was a struggle between business economics and sustainability, leaving sustainability as a nice to have. We can do both for you right now, bringing a business model to Soils and CO2. And helping industrial, agricultural and construction companies take action

Want to make impact together?

Explore how we can help you restore lands or remove carbon.

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